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by on September 11, 2012

Ms. Woldow pulls the curtain back on Walmart’s corporate philantropy. It is amazing to realize that the “race to the bottom” many companies have relied on over the past few decades has resulted in the loss of well-paying jobs, which in turn results in more demand on social services (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, School Meals, Medicaid, etc.)What is most troubling is that the political actors that try to suggest that providing these government funded social services is promoting “dependence” and getting people used to “handouts” are the same ones all for subsidizing business as usual, that is jobs with low wages, low to no benefits, and no union representation.It is a sad comment on our society that taxpayers subsidize this corporate largesse and allow a company like Walmart to get good PR over feeding the children it helped to make hungry in the first place!When will we realize that by allowing this trend to flourish and multiply we are promoting further erosion of the American Middle Class.

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