To the Editor…

by on January 17, 2014

The street lighting in SF at night is very bad. For example, driving on Steiner between Fell and Hayes, it is difficult to seek people crossing Steiner. The block on Steiner between MacAllister and Golden Gate, particularly the west side of the street.
Fifteenth Street from Folsom to Church. Seventeen Street S. Van Ness to Mission. People begin to walk across the street and it is difficult to see them Moreover, on Fifteenth and Seventeenth (these are just examples that I drive on, I am sure there are many other streets in the city also) which are narrow streets with cars parked on both sides, you also has bicycles on the right, going through red lights, pedaling outside the lane to pass and blocking cars, and some, not most, without reflectors. The the base of the lamps are old fashion and the lighting seem so too. With increased pedestiran traffic and bike traffic, one would think the city would do something about the lighting problem. It is difficult to drive there even very cautiously. And, one more thing, the jay walking on these streets at night at places where there are no lights (they are near the corner, but are not strong or do not light enough) and particularly with people wearing dark clothes is an accident waiting to happen. I have read nothing about this problem

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