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by on June 6, 2013

Back in 1945,on my return from the Henry Horner Summer Camp(named after the first Jewish Governor of Illinois)my dad gave me a crash course in Baseball 101 and a special chapter on Hank Greenberg. He became my first baseball hero. Being Jewish, it gave me and thousands of other Jewish Kids pride whenever he hit a homer,or was selected as the American League Most Valuable Player. Grant you,you did not have to be Jewish to root for him,just as you did not have to be Italian to Cheer for DiMaggio or Polish to applause Stan Musial… but it did because you had something in common with them! When he was traded to the Pirates in 1947, I was able to see him play in the Cubs Opener, and had mixed emotions when his 2 out double in the 6th inning drove in the games only run beating the Cubs 1-0. When he retired in \’48,and became the Indians G.M.,I sent him a Mezuzah(Jewish Good Luck Charm)before the season started. He sent me a thank you letter and a autographed photo. That year the Indians won the World Series, I took credit for it because of my gift to him and the Indians! I cheered when he was elected to Baseball\’s Hall of Fame.Many years later I had the good fortune to meet Hank when he came to S.F. to dedicate a set of seats from Tiger Stadium at the Washington Square Bar

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