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by on September 21, 2012

While United Educators of San Francisco does not shy away from the importance of the three incumbents “seniority” skip vote in our endorsement deliberations, it is far from being the one vote or one issue that led to our final decision not to endorse them. For example, under the guidance of these three same incumbents, SFUSD came razors edge close to a Chicago – style showdown strike. Teachers found that Fewer, Norton and Wynns were missing in action over many months of tough negotiations and that it was only a 97% strike vote that brought their team back to the table with any sort of good faith. By then, the Board of Education was virtually irrelevant to the negotiations and settlement. Over the next few years it is certain that difficult and potentially divisive issues will again face school board members and that is why UESF is endorsing a new team committed to finding agreement with teachers and not trying to beat them – Mayor Rahm Emanuel style. We choose: Matt Haney, Beverley Popek, Sam Rodriquez and Shamann Walton.

This feedback was sent by:Ken Tray from San Francisco, Ca.

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