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by on June 12, 2013

Ms. Woldow clearly lays out how decisions made to satisfy one constituency can result in a loss to another group. In this case we are talking about how we can do our best to make sure students are able to get the best possible food at school. The unintended consequence of allowing food trucks to be closer to schools is that it will create competition for the sale of school meals, thereby increasing their budget shortfall, already a reality. Stigma of getting school food, for those who cannot afford the food trucks, reduced over a number of years by the addition of a Point of Sale system, more varied food choices and now Revolution Foods meals, will now make it more difficult for low income students to get the food they need to fuel physical and academic performance.It is unfortunate that in our drive to be supportive of food trucks we are bypassing a well thought out and hard fought for improvement in the school food environment.I hope we can figure out a way to support all San Francisco residents, including our school aged children.Sincerely,

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