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by on April 25, 2013

Much congratulations and well deserved. I have found your analysis factual and balanced. Regarding tenants needs, there is much to be critical about. Could you in the future at least provide an article on landlord rights as well (I\’m not a landlord). We tend to categorize all landlords as \”baddies\” and many are small time and good landlords who seem to be getting a bum rap. I cannot figure out why a landlord is required to pay the tenant $10,000 for any eviction. I am aware of the number of tenants who exploit this provision many of whom are drug addicts and not law abiding residents. I am also aware of bad tenants and the expense of the landlord to evict them. Again, Congratulations and we look forward to your column

This feedback was sent by:Margie Hom Brown from San Francisco, California

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