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by on January 31, 2013

give it up for Sister Bernie and Religious Witness for Homeless People…we protested and fought for the use of surplus property, the Presidio… To be used for the Homeless… (years ago) …. And today we can celebrate a little victory… I mentioned Sister Bernie during the Blessing of Veterans Common… it seems like advocacy always paves the way for better policies and projects like Veterans Common. sister
– You were there in Spirit! I used you quote at the end of the blessing:” today is about Restoration and Healing…. not only for Veterans… bUT AS Sister BERNIE always says: For the SOUL OF OUR CITY.

ps. sister Bernie, we miss you! it was an extreme honor protesting and even getting arrested with you and Religious Witness for Homeless People.

This feedback was sent by:rev. Norman fong from San Francisco, cA

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