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by on September 30, 2013

Who Won the America’s Cup?

With millions cheering, The United States won the America’s Cup. But what is American about it? Not much. True, the billionaire Larry Ellison, who financed Ellison’s catamaran, the Oracle, is American. But not much else. There was only one American sailor on the boat. In fact, among the foreign sailors there were two from New Zealand. Think about it. There were twice as many New Zealanders on the Oracle than American sailors. Moreover, the winning boat was designed and built in New Zealand. The company, Core Builders Composites, relocated its American operation in 2010.

So has the United States really won America’s cup? Although the United States keeps the trophy, it keeps it not because it was sailed by American sailors in a sailboat built by skilled workers in the United States. It would seem, then, that Larry Ellison won, but not the United States. Not really!

Harry Brill

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