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by on May 27, 2020

Support Small Business

                                                                                    Harry Brill


There is no sound medical reasons for prohibiting the public from going inside and enjoying the many wonderful cafes and restaurants in the bay area.   The problem the public confronts is the very narrow perspective of public officials.  For these officials it is either all or nothing.  However, they are ignoring, particularly with regard to small business, an in-between position,


   With regard to accommodating the large enterprises,  public officials know what I am saying.  For example, in a large supermarket on Solano Avenue in Berkeley, the store is allowed to permit 30 customers. If there is a line outside, those at the front of the line can enter when other customers leave. 


   In contrast, at a very attractive bakery on Solano, only takeout orders are allowed.  Inside are tables but without chairs.  Yet the layout could accommodate safely at least one third of the tables, each six feet apart,  with chairs for customers who would prefer to eat inside,  


 Not only will the health and needs of the public be met by avoiding an all or nothing position.  Flexibility will restore the right of business to earn a living and will also save jobs.



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