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by on May 27, 2020

“Dead space of concrete?” How dare you criticize and denigrate our gathering place, the heart of Japantown, for the sake of your article. And who are you to say that this “project is not among the City’s top 500 needs?

COVID 19 is the worst pandemic in the history of our nation. It is being addressed by our mayor and governor.  And until this pandemic is over, issues for safe health and housing for low-income and working families may change.

And who are you to say to stop and not fix a leaky membrane with “normal maintenance?” Do you know what it takes to fix a leaky roof, one with a membrane over structural concrete?  Do you know the costs for stopping the leak and how long the stoppage would last, not to mention the damage the leaks and cement chips create to cars parked below?  Do you have technical knowledge to stop the leaks effectively, or is it more nonsense, like your article?     

Do you know how much of the 25 million is for fixing the leak and how much of it is for repairing the damages that are created to the plaza to make the repairs?

And when you choose the word “whopping 25 million” do you understand that 25 million is less than 6% of the 438 million budget?  Which is so little that it is within the margin of error of the entire budget. 

You have insulted one of the most important places within our Asian community.  It lays at the heart of who we are.  It was created at the expense of members of the Japanese community who once lived there, and was evicted by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, and has since then become the heart of Japantown and carries so many memories of festivals and fairs.   So it is,  indeed,  among the top 500 of any list the city may have for repair.


George Omi


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