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by on May 15, 2019

Re: Fremont’s Wrong Turn

Dear Editor,

I do not agree with what you analyzed in the article. Especially why David lost. David is a dear friend however, I voted and stood with Jenny Kassan. Nobody in my neighborhood wants more cars on Mowry. It has become impossible to travel within Fremont. You can reach other side of the bay sooner than reaching your destination one mile away within Fremont. I am a long term resident of Fremont and have seen Fremont turn from a serene home to a chaotic concrete wilderness.

We all know that bay area need housing but we cannot forget that the cities do not have infrastructure to support that. The cities did not build that but just kept on voting on housing over housing. My issue is also with how single family homes get approved in Mission area and upscale neighborhoods without any consequences and how tiny homes get approval in middle of the city. The city council has been creating a divided city within Fremont. We have unspoken upper class neighborhoods and middle to lower middle class neighborhoods. Which is very wrong. I think it is lobbying that is causing this. It is interesting how you mentioned David. As far as I know, Jenny did not do what you said. In fact, our mail boxes were flooded with David’s flyers and endorsements. You got your facts wrong. if anything, you need to look at actual cause of the issue and opposition. City streets are less wider, more traffic, more housing, less inclusive. I can give you million other things that are going on. But I do not like how your article is one sided and does not get to any root cause but finger pointing.

We also do not have enough schools to accommodate the children in the new housing that had been popping up all over the place. The builders do not make schools for the residents. Parents drive great distances to pick and drop their children. The schools are stretched thin, there are no resources. And city housing crisis is not doing anything to help. I know parents who have 3 kids who are attending schools in various attendance areas. Imagine the nightmare of dropping those kids during the morning rush hour.

Most of our schools are overloaded and did lottery admissions this year for Kinder. Can you imagine waking up a 5 year old 45 minutes early to make him ready just to make sure he does not get a tardy because the parents have to drive to the other end of city to drop them at school? The stress causes accidents and other mental health issues which again is not good for anyone. I would hate a kindergartner to have anxiety issues.


Vinita Verma

Incoming president of Fremont Council PTA

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