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by on April 9, 2013

The problem with most religion and spirituality addressed towards kids is that it is too preachy. It is absolutely true that most of what kids learn from parents and other adults is from what we do, not what we say or read to them. All the experts on parenting and child development will tell you that. I classify myself as a highly spiritual person and have three children, of whom the youngest is 23 and the oldest 32. My wife and I regularly get compliments about how well they turned out; she deserves most of the credit. We did not try to force-feed them anything overt about religion or spirituality when they were little.In terms of books and media, I would say that the best way to teach spirituality to kids is through Dr. Seuss, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers because they are entertaining, fun, and funny. The messages of being kind to others, refrain from hurting others and more are there. I think that the spiritual message is subtle rather than overt strengthens the impact. I have not read any of the books that you liked so I cannot comment on them. I stayed away from books like that when my wife and I read to them because to me they feel like beating them over the head with a 2×4. Think about all the adults who complain about how religion was forced on them as children. Many of them do end up finding a spiritual and/or religious path but only after they get done rebelling against what was done to them.On the other hand, I have nothing to say about Buddhist schools for children.

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