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by on August 19, 2013

Here is what we got from our administration concerning the review…To: CCSF CommunityFrom: Gohar Momjian, Accreditation Liaison Officercc: Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, Interim Chancellor Dr. Robert Agrella, Special Trustee and I wanted to let you know that Special Trustee, Dr. Robert Agrella, Interim Chancellor Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman, and I met with the Accrediting Commission yesterday in preparation for filing its justification for a review of ACCJC¹s decision to terminate accreditation July 31, 2014. We discussed the Department of Education letter and learned that the letter does not change the College¹s status and the Commission¹s findings. The Commission also informed us that the review and appeals process is a confidential matter and thus we will not be publishing drafts or documents online as we initially stated as we undergo this process. It is very important that we respect the Commission¹s procedures in the review process. In addition, I cannot overstate the importance of the College to remain focused on continuing to work on its Action Plans and making progress toward meeting the standards. Even though we would like to share withyou as much as possible, I believe it is ultimately with trust in our leadership, and with trust in the peer review accreditation process, that we must move forward._ – – – – END – – – – – It is highly disturbing that this is to be done in secrecy since there is no legal standing for it to be so. … From another colleague “Neither 20 USC section 1099b nor the ACCJC’s own bylaws require that appeals hearings be held in secret. I am concerned that this suprising and extralegal policy allows for the further appearance of conflicts of interest.The appeals hearing is an adversarial process. Per article IX, section 6 of its bylaws, the ACCJC will be accompanied by counsel, and the school is also entitled to bring its attorney. Will it do so?”

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