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by on January 5, 2018

Subject: RE “SF’s wild mayor’s race” By Randy Shaw

Incisive analysis.  The top three contenders are Leno,  Chiu, Kim.  Leno has a long track record of leadership in San Francisco and Sacramento, statesmanship, and charisma.  His office in Sacramento was outstanding in responding to constituent matters.  Chiu’s office at City Hall did not return phone calls.  Senator Leno came to the Dr.  George Davis Senior Center to celebrate Ms. Verlie Mae Pickens’ 100th Birthday. Senator Leno stood on the sidewalk with me, Carl Nolte, Aaron Peskin, and others on Columbus Avenue in North Beach waving to honking drivers as we celebrated Peskin’s election victory.  By the way, during the campaign when Chiu was running for supervisor, one of the candidates (an architect), told me that Chiu and Ed Lee had struck a deal whereby Chiu would not run for mayor, Lee would become mayor, and then Lee would reward Chiu with his support when Chiu would run for Assembly.

ANH LE, San Francisco

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