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by on November 2, 2017

Subject: Tim Lee, Tenants Legal Champion, Retires

Thank you Randy for the wonderful article about Tim Lee.

We, at the Rent Board, will dearly miss Tim. Not just on a personal level (that too) but on a practical level. He has always been my “go to” on legal questions and, as you stated, Tim always knows the answer. That has not changed – except now he rarely has to look it up – and, those few times he did, I always got the feeling that he was pointing out where it could be found  for my benefit and knowledge, more so than needing to look it up for his own.  I have always admired Tim’s intellect and wisdom.

We are also going to miss him on a personal level in a way that is impossible to describe. There is no one he worked with that does not just absolutely love this guy. He treated us all, no matter our “job description,” with equal kindness and respect and took the time to teach every one of us. Tenants and landlords alike had good reason to trust Tim,  he’s one of the most standup people I have ever known.  He was not only my “boss,” but also my mentor and friend.

His retirement is a huge loss to the City of San Francisco but we were extremely lucky to have him here for as long as we did.  I wish him the best, always, and am happy that Tim will now have more time to spend doing the things he loves, and with those he loves including his long-time partner Eleanor.

We will miss you being in the office Tim, more than words could ever say.


Cathy Helton

Legal Secretary, San Francisco Rent Board

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