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by on July 7, 2017

Subject: Will SF Go Big?

This San Francisco Chronicle like pro “developer” article  Will SF Go Big? by Garrett Bergthold appearing in what may be the wrongly named Beyond Chron presents the conflict over the housing project at the PUC section of the Balboa Reservoir next to City College of San Francisco as one between the (narrowly minded and selfish) NIMBY neighbors and the “developers.”  He favorably quotes that “champion” of “little people” Diane Feinstein:

“the reservoir presently is a barren expense, serving no useful purpose. It has been decades since it was part of the city’s water supply, and neighboring City College has neither the plans nor the money to convert it to any campus use.

Aren’t students using the space for needed parking so they can attend school a “useful purpose?”  Furthermore, why does CCSF lack the money to convert the reservoir “to any campus use?”  Is Feinstein or her hubby at all responsible for the college’s lack of money?

Bergthold also dismisses the student need for parking sounding much like Feinstein:  “The reservoir is now a glorious parking lot with 1,000 parking spaces used primarily by City College students attending the campus across the street.”

Really, glorious?  It obviously fills a student need for parking.  That is hardly glorious.  If CCSF ever needs to expand, this land would be available if the housing project doesn’t happen. Furthermore, the continuation of the reservoir parking lot will be even more vital if the much needed voter approved Preforming Arts Education Center is built on the CCSF portion of the reservoir.

Bergthold fails to discuss the impact the housing project will have on CCSF, local traffic, etc.–sending a clear message that he does not care about CCSF’s predominantly working class students of color–after all, San Francisco should only exists for those who make six figure incomes.


No mention is also made of other factors contributing to the housing shortage–the removal of rental units by those connected to Arbnb–the treatment of San Francisco as a suburb for the Silicon Valley, etc.

And, as could be expected, the picture accompanying the article is of the parking lot when it is empty.

Rick Baum

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