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by on February 22, 2017

Subject: A Search for the Heart of SF in “The Coptic Cross”—An interview with Author John Goins


I just finished reading The Coptic Cross and then found your excellent interview with John Goins. I really got a lot out of the interview, and it crystallized some things I was noticing as I read the book.

I got the book from the mystery section in the public library, and “genre” fiction like mystery and science fiction is usually not given as much respect as general fiction. But I think “The Coptic Cross” is a good piece of literature as well as an important documentation of San Francisco at this time. I appreciate all of the complexity given the main character, which frees us of the stereotypes assigned to black men. And I loved the portrayal of the various communities involved. This is why we all need to read work by a range of ethnic and gender backgrounds, so we can enjoy and appreciate the depth of all the people we live with.

Thank you very much — I’m looking forward to hearing more from both Tony Robles and John Goins.

Claire Bain

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