To the Editor…

by on November 21, 2016

Subject: Gentrification


I appreciate your concern about gentrification . I personally am more concerned about the survival of small business in the TL. I watched someone open up a coffee shop on Golden Gate George and Lennie They filled a space over run by drug dealing. The drug dealing keeps on happening and citizens take risks opening an art studio . I know that they are already being criticized for gentrification. But the response is positive from most of the passer bys . I know for a fact both places have been opened on a dream and a miracle in this city . The coffee shop is on one side of the street and the studio on the opposite side The coffee shop has successfully driven the drug dealers to the other side and we are hoping that the studio will move the drugs around the corner . Hyde and Golden Gate is an ongoing open drug market The owner of the building the studio is in has SROs above the studio . He is tired of the constant drug dealers and cut a deal with Katie Gong and Brett Walker to create an art studio . I live at Madonna Residence and am helping them . I want them to succeed on a shoestring budget taking huge risks . The city is working with them to create a frontage that blends with the historical building. Come by Randy check it out .

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