To the Editor…

by on October 12, 2016

Subject: The Larger Debate Failure

Randy Shaw’s critique is immensely important for calling our attention to many of the essential issues that have been excluded from the Presidential debate.  Moreover, not a single word was mentioned about addressing the very serious problems that the labor movement is confronting. As we all know, organized labor has been on the decline for many decades. And as working people have been losing their political strength, many have been joining the ranks of the poor, and millions of working people are working at poverty wages because they are unable to organize unions. Incredibly, only 6.7 Percent of the private sector workforce is unionized.

What is desperately  needed is stronger labor laws and more vigorous enforcement of employer violations. But unfortunately,  the labor leadership has been so occupied about defeating Trump that it has failed so far to demand that Hillary advance a progressive labor program.  This is a serious mistake.

There is only one national debate ahead.  Please do what you can to urge that Hillary Clinton address the problems that Randy discusses and to also take up the important issues that working people confront at their work place.

Harry Brill

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