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by on April 9, 2014

Another distorted story about the Beach Chalet soccer fields. Yep, kids need places to play. But they don’t need fake grass and toxic rubber tire crumb that can cause asthma and other respiratory disorders, neurological problems, and cancer. This misguided project will harm children and adults who play on the fields; poison our drinking water; ruin the peace and quiet of an urban oasis; and destroy the night sky at Ocean Beach as well as the flight patterns of migratory birds. While there may be a need for more soccer fields in the City, building 4 toxic turf fields with night lights in Golden Gate Park is not the way to meet this need. A proposal to build safe, non-toxic fields at West Sunset Playground and renovate the Beach Chalet fields with grass was summarily dismissed by our City’s decision makers. We’re hoping cooler heads will prevail at the ballot box. These fields are a dumping ground for 100,000 ground up rubber tires that the California Dept. of the Environment does not want dumped into a landfill. Not good for a landfill…but fine for our young, growing children to play on. Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser. For the real truth about the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields Project go to

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