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by on October 10, 2012

I am sending this prior to the Board of Supervisors\’ vote this afternoon.To be fair and realistic, Ross does have problems that he is presently working on. He has actually invested more time than Gavin Newsom who simply had a week of counseling at Delancey Street, and walked with a slap on the wrist after his brief liason with his close friend\’s wife. Many public officials have skeletons in their closet which has not interfered with their tenure in office.Ed Lee clearly wishes to destroy Ross, because he is a political opponent. Ed Lee has dubious morality with his broken promise not to run for Mayor and his nutty search and frisk policy that was fortunately quashed. While I don\’t approve of Ross\’ personal conduct at all, I don\’t believe that this is a basis for discharge from public office. Poor performance is. But we must let him serve in order to prove this.

This feedback was sent by:herbert weiner from san francisco, california

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