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by on August 12, 2016

Subject: Who should lead SFUSD’s school meal program?

Wow!  It is so great to learn what can be done with the right person and team in a school district that has a similar size and Free and Reduced Meal participation rate as the SFUSD.  It is also daunting to realize that in fact we will only get that combination of talent, commitment and experience if we are willing to pay for it.  I do hope that the people seeking a new Food Services Director for the SFUSD read and re-read this column by Ms. Woldow and take to heart all the wisdom it contains.  This includes a realistic assessment of what the compensation should be for someone with the ability to really make a difference, a commitment throughout the organization, beginning with the Superintendent on down to making good school food a priority, investment in a central kitchen or upgrading the facilities that prepare the food, training, supervising and inspiring the staff that would be doing this work day in and day out and finally being willing to build on models and practices that other school districts, such as the one in Greenville SC have developed, rather than wasting years in trial and error.

San Francisco is a good food mecca to the world and yet we have not figured out a way to provide such an important foundation to the health and wellbeing of the children who attend the SFUSD.  I do hope that we are able to sort out our priorities and find a way to fully invest in the future of school food in San Francisco.


Laura Brainin-Rodriguez MPH, MS, RD

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