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by on April 9, 2015

Subject: How Election 2015 changed Chicago politics

Over looked was the weather that caused the run off in the first place. Unions have always been part of the Chicago political scene,however the closed steel mills , along with many factories are no longer on the landscape have reduced too many of those union jobs and membership. Chuey Garcia did not carry one of the mostly black wards in Chicago. Many of the Black leaders,like Jessie Jackson and preachers that endorsed him just do not get voters to the polling booth. The main reason that Garcia lost was because when he was asked for details how he would change City Hall, and he could not fill in the details, or saying he will make those plans after he was elected

As for the Teachers and Police Unions, there has been a long history of the unions supporting their members who failed to meet the standards of qualified workers. Instead of firing them, they gave teachers desk jobs at the Board of Education at their teacher’s salaries. And the police union also fought to keep bad cops working, even when video tapes showing criminal actions by bad cops existed. The closing of the 50 schools was a step in the right direction for the students and neighborhoods they were located in. It’s no different then businesses that are failing… you can only invest in them so long before they go out of business or face bankruptcy.

So please do not take the words of Ronnie Reese as fact… Chuey Garcia lost because the voters of Chicago wanted Rahm to continue the job he started. Mayor Daley left a city with big bills to pay pensions… and Mayor Emanuel has plans on how to reduce the red ink left over from the Daley Administration,similar to the circumstances President Obama inherited from Bush 43.


Jerry Pritikin/ Chicago Voter

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