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by on June 30, 2016

Subject: Will Bay Area Media Blitz Impact Homelessness?

Hi Randy:

I find that there are 2 reasons for “homelessness”.  #1, which is the most highly covered are the social/economic restraints to providing sufficient housing.  Eg. Decline of HUD and other government programs which could solve the housing supply problem.

#2.  But, let’s go back to blaming the victim.  Doesn’t anyone ask “why in a City 40% + Asian are less than 2% of the homeless Asian?”  The answer is that the most Asians are in stronger extended family units that recognize the responsibility of “taking care of” all the family within the family and non-total reliance on the government.  (note: this observation is experiential.  My downstream family is Eurasian.)

Obviously, I don’t have the solution to the alienation of the homeless, but, I think that is the first problem that has to be resolved.

George  Davis

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