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by on January 21, 2014

Your correct, there is no adversary on pedestrian safety or bicycler safety. What there is though is outrage on the part of drivers who day in and day out have to deal with pedestrians and bicycle riders who refuse to obey the very laws designed to protect them.- BIG flashing RED numbers counting down. Those mean DO NOT start crossing and if you are in the crosswalk that is how much time you have before the light changes.- BIG flashing red HAND meaning DO NOT WALK.- STOP lights / STOP signs – Bicycle riders don\’t think those apply to them.- Turning Right on RED – ONLY after you have stopped and made sure it is safe.- Riding IN traffic coming to a red light, jumping the curb and then ridding in the crosswalk assuming they now have the right of way because they are in a crosswalk.- Dodging in and out of traffic and trying to go around VERY large vehicles ( does any one recall the woman killed because she tried that stunt with a garbage truck?) which both limited visibility and mobility. This by the way is the specialty of bicycle messengers.The above behavior invites serious injury and or death.Drivers need to get their collective heads out of their smartphones and DRIVE the car AND pay attention to what in the hell they are doing.The new law that is going into effect says “A vehicle may not approach any closer than 3 feet to a cyclist or face citation and fines. Not a bad idea, but it is horribly bad law because it does not take into account instances when cyclist comes closer than 3 feet to a vehicle or when cyclists insist on riding 4 abreast on a road and then peddle along at 10 miles an hour with traffic backing up behind them.There are signs everywhere with an image of a cyclist and the words “Share the Road” and I am all for that, but when cyclists decide that they OWN the road then they are just as much to blame for bad outcomes with cars / trucks as the drivers of those vehicles are, but sadly they are almost never held to account for their dangerou s and antisocial behavior.The various Cycling Coalitions complain bitterly that drivers don;t get jail time but grow very silent when they are reminded that the cyclist who hit and killed and 80 year old elderly man only got probation, community service and a fine. Interestingly he did not loose his bicycle riding privileges.So can we all get along on the single transportation system we have? Yes, but we ALL have to obey the rules and treat each other like we matter.

This feedback was sent by:Bill Sappington from Oakland, CA

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