To the Editor…

by on March 25, 2015

There you go again!  Mr. Garcia would be a disaster for Chicago. He has no idea on how to run a city. Even the Black Newspaper , The Defender endorsed Emmanuel. Garcia has the support of Jessie Jackson, and I can assure you for every one of Jackson’s people who vote for Garcia… there will be 3 to vote against him just because of Jackson. Mr. Jackson’s son Jessie, the former Senator is now in Prison for trying to sell his seat.  Mayor Emanuel inherited those 10,000 shootings the first day he was sworn in. Garcia has no plans to make Chicago work, because he’s does not know where to start.  I’m not a betting person,however when it comes to who will be sitting in City Hall for the next 4 years… it’s obvious that it’s a one horse race from start to finish., and it’s not Garcia.

Jerry Pritikin/ Chicago Voter

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