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by on May 24, 2011

To the Editor:

The 36th Congressional District special election is just another dreary example of progressives mis-reading the basics of winning a place at the table where decisions are made. Outwitted and outworked.

Wing Lancer
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Debra Bowen is not the angel that the author of this piece believes she is. She has made election law rulings that are harmful to underdog candidates. At other times, she bends the rules to help powerful candidates. If anyone wants to know more about these instances, my e-mail is

Richard Winger
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Your piece on the special election to replace Jane Harman neglects to mention that the “pledge” to support Israel signed by Janice Hahn and Debra Bowen had included language promising to maintain or increase the $3 billion per year given to the state of Israel by U.S. taxpayers. This at a time when both parties in Congress are cutting spending on public safety, infrastructure, housing and other benefits for American citizens. Any candidate who makes an explicit promise to safeguard aid to a wealthy foreign government such as Israel is doing a disservice to her own constituents. It’s a pity that Hahn made it past the primary as both she and Bowen deserved to lose, because of their inability to put American interests ahead of Israel’s.

Colin Gallagher
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I am not agreeing this is the way it should be, but Debra Bowen has to do whatever it takes NOT to have the Los Angeles Times run that awful picture of her. A vote shouldn’t be based on appearances, but I heard a number of people thinking it made Debra look very old.

B.G. Stine
Torrance, CA

To the Editor:

Paul Hogarth writes: “But while Harman was clearly more conservative than the district deserved, Winograd had failed to appeal beyond hard-core left-wing activists.” Seems more than a bit misleading, since Marcy Winograd won 41% of the vote the last time she ran against the well-funded incumbent Jane Harman.

Jeff Cohen
Saugerties, NY

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