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by on March 1, 2010

To the Editor:

On Thursday at the massively crowded amphitheater of Marina Middle School, politicians — some of whom came late to the event — were talking politics as usual. Except for the progressive Jane Kim, who cogently debated solutions to this horrible sword of Damocles hanging permanently over teachers.

Chief amongst them was Carlos Garcia, the Superintendent, who accepted defeat in his ornate and hypocritical language. He is an Obamaesque, who wants to work together, with whom? This refrain of “working together” is a rotten old chestnut that kept coming during the sterile debate. I was so happy when one of the teachers, a 13 year teacher with the school district, challenged Garcia, vehemently for bowing to the establishment and sending those notices to teachers. Garcia who during the debate kept saying with should “get together,” teachers, administrators, parents, children to challenge this ignominious cuts to our schools, didn’t he say before that children shouldn’t be part of the march on March 4?

Another politician who did speak well about the ills and causes of our poor education was Mark Leno. Not only did he mention Education, but Public Transit. Leno expounded on the trickery of taxation in California and the classic hoax of Prob 13, and the 2/3rd majority to tax. Ironically, the moderator Michael Krasny was referring to countering Tea Party guys. Strange that Tea Party was against taxation in the past, now the real “tea partiers” must rise FOR TAXATION.

Leno and Jane Kim explained how the real profiteers from Prop 13 are the corporations, which reverberates negatively on the old people who were meant to benefit from it. Alas, Michael Krasny and Carlos Garcia kept mentioning the overwhelming presence of parents in the audience, but especially Garcia — they didn’t mention the true overwhelming presence of teachers with their red T-shirts saying No To Cuts, Save our Schools.

I was disappointed at the way Newsom and the rest of the panel debated the terrible horror facing California’s schools, not one of them mentioned the 100 billion dollars that was signed into law recently by Obama for Education. Truly, teachers were bred to be docile and nice people, that is sterile and dangerous. They must challenge the preconceived ideas the people have of them. Not to mention at the end the discomfiture that Dennis Kelly, President of the Teachers Union, made the teachers feel. He looked to be conniving with the rest of the decision makers.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

If this administrator was presented with these photos, as she has tried to maintain, why wasn’t her first concern about the person who DID this and WHY he/she was prying into students homes and what this person’s intentions and justifications were? Why didn’t she call the police, or at minimum bring it to the attention of upper administration that “someone” was peeping into students’ bedrooms?

Also, are the students computers the only ones that have been “monitored” through their webcams at home? What about the computers taken home by teachers, principal, superintendent, school board members, and other school personnel? Imagine the voyeurism enjoyed upon what the webcam can show what grown adults (could be) up to … unknowing adults. This could turn into a virtual (no pun intended) Peyton Place!

Beyond the whiff of pedophilia going on, think of the other repercussions of someone following administration and other teachers into their homes, the advantages the “discoverer” could have with that type of dirt. It is going to be interesting to see what the FBI IT guys come up with after searching through all the deleted files in computers belonging to the district. Because I am SURE that the minute that this mess hit the fan, SOMEBODY starting hitting the delete button on her/his computer very fast. Too bad for them that there is little beyond destroying the computer that this person can do to hide what they have been up to from the FBI. I am sure that this person/people thought they could operate in anonymity, cultivating all kinds of stolen webcam information.

Yes Virginia, there is an Internet police …

Carol Brown
Columbia, SC

To the Editor:

FDR was not a racist. He looked the other way when blacks did not have any or very little rights, because the Senate was mostly controlled by Southerners. He could not pay attention to them, or the Senate would reject anything he proposed and then more legislature for the New Deal. He did it for the better of the people. He handled the Depression the best way he could. He still did care about the blacks, but he had to think about the majority of people. That is the job of the president.

Benjamin Dover
Athens, Greece

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