The ROOM Series’ “Low Reed” Comes to the Royce Gallery

by E. "Doc" Smith on March 30, 2012

For their first “instrumentation-themed evenings” of 2012, the ROOM Series puts “three entities of the low-end reed persuasion in the room together”, tonight at the Royce Gallery. ROVA founding member Jon Raskin, LA-based new music clarinetist Marty Walker, and the Bay Area’s own bass clarinet duo Sqwonk. Later, the composer/performer and media artist Pamela Z will join them, “adding some real-time Low Reed processing and some fragments of voice and samples here and there throughout the evening, and a grand finale of Low Reeds and Vox & Circuitry to close the evening…”

Since 2006, Pamela Z has been presenting an avant chambre music series called ROOM that takes place in the the Royce Gallery, an intimate performance gallery in San Francisco’s North East Mission Industrial Zone (NEMIZ), where she hosts evenings featuring a variety of virtuosic, solo artists and chamber groups playing experimental music (including composed music of their own, that of other composers, as well as improvised music.

The ROOM series has included a wide range of artists including Joëlle Léandre, Carl Stone, JHNO, Zoe Keating, Beth Custer, Amy X Neuburg, Moe! Staiano, Miya Masaoka, Suki O’kane, and many more. A ROOM series evening often includes two to four extremely varied artists of a certain instrument family or curated around a specific theme, who each play solo works and then join together with the other artists and series host Pamela Z for an ensemble improvisation or scored work.

ROOM Series : “Low Reed”
Marty Walker (Bass Clarinet)
Jon Raskin (Baritone Saxophone)
Sqwonk (Bass Clarinet duo)
Pamela Z (voice & electronics)
Royce Gallery
2901 Mariposa, SF, CA
March 30th, @ 8:00 pm

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