“The Nightmare that Won’t Go Away, Blue thoughts…”

by on November 22, 2006

Dear Editor,

Today marks the forty third anniversary of an event that changed the course of recent history. On a sunny afternoon in Dallas, before the horrified eyes of a cheering crowd, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was brutally shot down and murdered. In the decades that have passed, more and more people refuse to believe the Government’s official investigation, the Warren Commission, and instead believe that a conspiricy was responsible. But what does this tragedy from so long ago have to do with our present crises and trevails today?

In two words- a lot.

I won’t go into a rehash of all the latest conspiricy theories, nor will I be defending the Warren Report, for they are both wrong. To quote Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK”, this is just “part of the scenary”. The who and how are distractions, meant to keep us from feeling the real implications of the assasination, for power does not kill its enemies, rather, it simply lets them be killed.

A good example would be the 1990 bombing of Earth First! activists Judi Bari and Daryl Cherny. A few days before the event, Judi Bari received a large number of death threats. Upon showing letters and playing recordings to a Sherriff’s Deputy, the reply was-“Lady, your’e on you’re own.” Shortly afterword, the bombing occurred, and with it the strange machinations of Government and Law Enforcement. And, like the JFK assasination, the true culprits behind this crime have yet to be discovered.

The Kennedy Assasination was in fact, a message. It said to the American people, – “Do not challenge the powers that be, for if you do, and it does’nt matter if you are the President of the United States, you will be stopped by any means necessary.” So when we wonder why those in office do not act in our interest just consider what happened in Dallas and you will soon find your answer.

In fact, on Friday, November 22nd, 1963, we lost a lot more than just a handsome President, we lost the ability to decide our government and the direction our future. The President in fact, became merely an “Office Minder”, to obey the wishes of the powerful, while deceiving the American people into thinking they have a representative government. This is, in fact, the nightmare that lies behind the American Dream. Many people believe that the the Government is wrong, but they do not want to know. Because to know may be so traumatic to many of our cherished beliefs, that it is simply too much for us to bear. Until we look this nightmare right in the face and come to a reckoning about the real truth behind our murdered President, no real change will occur.
John F. Davies
Berkeley, California


Jesse Zerger Nathan’s article says that there is nothing that radical about the Stem Cell Amendment in Missouri. That may be true in terms of the life issues, but in terms of writing laws into constitutions, it is extremely radical. The amendment has given them a pre-eminent right, something foreign to our system of government. What does that mean? It means that when the right to do stem cell research comes in conflict with any other right, the right to do stem cell research wins. Look at section 7 (bold added by me):

§7. The provisions of this section and of all state and local laws, regulations, rules, charters, ordinances, and other governmental actions shall be construed in favor of the conduct of stem cell research and the provision of stem cell therapies and cures. No state or local law, regulation, rule, charter, ordinance, or other governmental action shall (i) prevent, restrict, obstruct, or discourage any stem cell research ., or (ii) create disincentives for any person to engage in or otherwise associate with such research or therapies and cures.

What does that mean? Practically, this means that the state government cannot regulate stem cell research. Taxing profits from it would be to “create disincentives”, regulating chemical waste might be interpreted as “restricting” or “obstructing” it, and allowing someone to sue researchers or companies that conduct such research could be considered as “discouraging” or “obstructing” that research, and thus disallowed. Stem cell research is such a new area of research that we don’t know what will develop in the future. It does not seem prudent to give up the ability to regulate either the research or the industry, as well as the right to seek remedy in court for injury, on the state level. And there are NO regulations on the federal level.

Unfortunately, the press did not pick this up. They were too busy gazing with starry eyes at the potential cures that stem cell research may bring about to notice that one group has been placed above the courts, legislature, or executive branch’s power to regulate them, and that right has been enthroned in the Missouri Consititution. Please broaden your scope in examining these issues!

Albert J. Bruecken.
Conception, MO

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