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by on July 10, 2006


Google News took me to your piece today calling for unrest in Mexico.

I’m not a Spartist (I’m a Green), but couldn’t agree more. I’m thinking of running something like your blog in Edinburgh, which has one dominant and right-wing local paper. Can you tell me how much time it takes up, and what your readership is like?

all the best, James Mackenzie Edinburgh Scotland


There is a big difference between Mexico and Iraq. We brought democracy to Iraq. We would be meddling in a democracy that already exist in Mexico. From reading your article it is easy to see you are still just sore about the 2000 election. Get over it (I have) even after the many recounts done by newspapers and others. Bush still won. Try spending your time and efforts to help this country. If our party does not catch on quick to listen to the majority of voters instead of big wheels in the party we will lose more seats in November.

David Ezell


Your article on the Mexican left was laughable. You are unaware of the election laws in place in Mexico and the checks and balances on how the votes are counted. When AMLO has the poor stage a riot this weekend one should not how lucky Mexico was in not electing this “charasmatic” leader.

Do you know why Mexico is poor? Well, take a look at the productivity levels of Mexican workers and American workers. US workers produce seven times as much and the wages are roughly 7 times the Mexican workers per time unit. Mexican farmers are upset that their standard of living is so low when they plow 5 acres of land. Well if most of the US farmers plowed on 5 acres of land we would have large amounts of poverty or be living in the early 20th century.

It was easy for AMLO to promise the moon to the poor but you can’t socialize if you have nothing to socialize with. Mexico does need to increase its taxes and invest in the poor and prepare for less farmers to do other things. Change is more painful if you fall behind.

Sincerely yours!!

Sherman Owens


I read your article with much interest and do not understand your view point. I have been in Mexico now for 12 years living and working here and have visited Mexico regularly since 1973.

My point is very simple:

1. prior to 1994 under PRI Mexico was in an economic chaos. The initial 2 years after election the politician had to recover money stolen by the leaving president and cohorts.The following 2 years the president governed.The last 2 year the president stole as much as he could get away with.

2. The above cycle cost the general Mexican population by devaluation of the peso and double digit inflation.

3. During the last 6 year the peso has been fluctuating within a narrow range even though the PRI and PRD controlled Senate and Congress worked against Fox and very few of his program were accomplished

4. The Trade agreements has had its effect on the Mexican Economy not only in financial terms but also in the changed outlook of people.

5. Final with the government out of banking, telephone, power etc that stopped the milking of private citizen by.

Obrador my be a popular public figure and may appear to left as the saver of Mexico but his history does not proof it out. Yes, he uses the right phrases, the right words to attract the uneducated, the poor and the left wing segment of the Mexican Voter, but the middle class and lower middle class which is the only segment which is capable to moderate Mexican politics is against all the rethorics of a new cycle of nationalization of banks and financial industries, telephone, power etc.

Finally the time is disappearing when the government controlled institution charged what ever they pleased, used the banks as their private financial institutions and stole, mistreated and made a mockery out of law and order.

I will never forget 1973 the demand of the local police chief ” Pay me US$5,000.00 or I confiscate all your equipment and deport you.

Or at the border pay US 500.00 or I will not let you into the country.

But the worst, 1973 in the Sierra Madre 120 km east of Magdalena a unit of soldiers arrived in a native village robbing, raping and killing. When they left there was no food or money left. None of the women age 12 and older was untouched. This was done under the pretext of looking for drugs.

1989 in the mountains south of Ixtlan del Rio we were stopped by 4 cars of police tearing everything apart, pushing us around with rifles in our back.

Have you looked at the record of PRD local politicians? Presidente Municipal, Governadores etc. Check it out with the people. I remember several instance of extreme misuse of funds and power.

Now enter Obrador and his gang of ex PRI politicians – yes he was a major player for PRI and so were the key associates.

The common wisdom here is very simple Obrador has amazed a fortune in any way he could legal or illegal. I have watch people in Nayarit, Jalisco, Durango worried that Obrador may win and take Mexico back to the system of the 1980’s and 90′.

For people living outside of Mexico the theory of progress socialism is all fine but they forget the sinister aspect it takes in a Country were the

President has nearly absolut power without checks and balance if he is ruthless enough. According to Mexican Law the President is above the law.

I for one know that if Obrador should become President Of Mexico then there will be an exodus of the Middle Class and foreign investors. Nobody likes the threat of Nationalization.

As to your comment of a stolen election – that is typical reporters talking, when events do not play out the way the like it.

Check the votes for each party for President, Congress and Senate and compare the percentage points – I have looked at it yesterday and to me they are consistent overall.

The accusation of Fraud is made consistently and had merit during the tenor of PRI, but nobody has proven fraud and the reason for the change in voters opinion has been expressed by many people in the street:

“Finally the system has changed to give us a chance, finally the government does not have its fingers in our life. It may not exactly what we want but it is much better what we had. Lets give PAN a real trial and see what they can do.

Obrador, he is scary, nationalization, reintroduction of the government into our daily live, a government for all but for the poor first, expansion of government spending.

Do you know in Mexico less than 50% of the people pay taxes – the one who pay is the middle class. The politician (the rich) do not pay, the poor do not pay and government employees do not pay.

Fox has tried to change that and Calderon hopefully will continue to work on this issue. In my opinion Mexican politic is extreme and will need several years to mature into a system less corrupt and less power hungry.

By the way I was born in Austria and know what “Progressive Socialism ” in all his application can to to the people. It is a means to obtain control over the life of people.

I experienced the Sandanista Social experience in Nicaragua first hand, revolution and all. I remember the slogans “Para La Pobre y La Patria” ” Libertad y Tierra etc., etc, etc. Even the Russian Technical Delegation laughed about it and the fraternal Cubans stole everything they could get.

They sure as hell made everyone in Nicaragua poor but Obradors and his gang remind me of the Sandanista. I do not wish this on my Mexican friends.

I have lived for the last 50 years in countries all over the world from Africa,to North America, to Latin America to Asia and I have found nobody who happily invited government intrusion into their life.

I am basically a conservative but will accept what ever works to make

Mexico an economically progressive and successful country.


Mr. Shaw,

I read your article and am saddened by your foolishness. Your beliefs in conspiracy rank right up there with those who believe in Bigfoot and the supposed Protocols of the Elders of Zion. How can you really believe in this tripe about “Progressives” (actually liberals, socialists, communists)having had elections “stolen”? To me it is obvious that the vision that you believe in is the same one that has been completely discredited in the defunct Soviet Union, Cuba, Eastern Europe, and China. Socialism has failed in every country in which it has flourished, brought down by the very people that it was supposed to help. Why? Because people get tired of not seeing improvements, in seeing that their lives get worse. Your utopia is akin to what George Orwell became disillusioned about in the early socialist movements. He wrote Animal Farm and 1984 because he saw the lie behind the dreams in these movements. Your hoped for future always ends up in failure and the eventual development of an elite in those countries in which “some animals are more equal than others”. There is a reason that people literally risk their lives to come to the US and Great Britain, they come to places of hope.

You are pushing more death and destruction on the world. Hopefully some day you will wake up.

Ed Schmitt

Dear Editor,

Regarding the interview with Alix Rosenthal running as a progressive for the Supervisor’s seat in D8 –

‘Tis a shame that the Elections Commission meetings were not televised so now we don’t have them to refer to. I remember her as being very difficult.

But what I want to know is – how is she a progressive? Have you ever, ever seen her at any of our actions? I and everyone I asked have not. And she is trying to use the Milk Club, as was evidenced of her referral to the club in her Beyond Chron interview. Sure she showed up at a meeting, the first one I or anyone else remember. I asked her how long she has been a member, and she said she renewed her membership at the dinner. What membership? No one remembers.

I also told her that coming to a Milk Club meeting only after Alice early endorsed Dufty looked really bad, and her only reply was “Yeah, I know.”

And just because she works in Oakland does not mean she knows how SF city government works.

Also, living with a SFBG reporter does not make her a progressive, what a load of crap that is. I don’t know who he is because I don’t read the BG much these days, but all to whom I’ve spoken about him don’t care for him at all. Of course she’ll get the BG endorsement because of this association, which will be inherently wrong.

Some say she’s changed. I reply that anyone will say they’ve changed when getting elected comes into play. I’ve seen others do it in the 6 years I’ve been involved just to get endorsed. I don’t think she’s changed at all, and calling her a progressive is a slap in the face to those of us who really are.

I only have one more thing – I get the same bad feeling from her as I get from Angela Alioto and we all know what she did.

Terrie Frye

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