The Mayor’s CPMC Deal; School Lunches for Low-Income Kids; Republican Presidential Candidates …

by on March 29, 2012

To the Editor:

You got a couple of facts wrong on the CPMC deal (setting aside comments on your overall perspective). The agreement on keeping St. Luke’s open for 20 years is not “ironclad.” CPMC can back out if their total operating margin falls below a certain level for two years in a row. How else do you interpret this other than to say if CPMC is in financial trouble, the first thing they want to do is jettison St. Luke’s? Also, the Blue Ribbon panel specifically refused to propose a size for a rebuilt St. Luke’s. It was CPMC that issued a press release the after the Blue Ribbon Panel issued its recommendations saying CPMC would build a 60-bed (later upped to 80-bed) hospital — a direct contradiction of the Blue Ribbon Panel’s recommendation.

Bob Prentice
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I have an idea: give each poor high school student $5 each day to buy a lunch at a local food stand or restaurant or grocery store. With it comes a print-out of some of the best nutritional deals in a 3 block radius of the school. Leave it to the students and their families to make the choice. Eliminate high school cafeterias as an unnecessary expense. Stop trying to manage every aspect of children’s lives, particularly poor children’s lives. High Schools: get out of the food business and concentrate on academics. SFUSD: use the savings from getting out the restaurant business to pay for academic programs.

Dana B.
San Francisco

To the Editor:

What a bunch of political spin and hype. Reminds me of how the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ group might distract from the facts. Could it possibly be that the majority of citizens and voters are not going to buy into the liberal hype anymore? Of course they aren’t.

James Mason II
Brownville, NE

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