The Impossible Will Take a Little While

by Sarah Cohen on December 22, 2004

This book is a compilation of essays intended to inspire Americans towards consciousness and activism regarding the fate of our nation. I read the first essay and I am at once, inspired. This inspiration is an experience that I relive again and again throughout this book.

The Impossible Will Take a Little While holds gems from the great people of my lifetime: Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Vaclav Havel, Alice Walker. The essays written by these heroes will enlighten and move you. Within this book, you will find a salvation for most moments of despair. In the essay, There is a Season, you will find words that will help you through the grief that comes with losing a parent.

The eloquent metaphor that Parker Palmer uses to explain life and community is fine poetic prose. You will find essays to renew your faith in mankind like the great Pablo Neruda’s lovely piece Childhood and Poetry. The essay describes a simple act between two children that serves to remind us how simple it is to care for another human being. You will find articles that will move your feet and voice to protest like the short essay Not Deterred, which tells us how the small protest of one woman ousted the Communist government of Bulgaria.

But to say that all these essays moved my heart, is saying too much, some of them made me angry, like Arundhati Roy’s Come September who speaks against one of my political affiliations. But even though I strongly disagree with Roy’s comments, her essay is so well written that it awakens my passion for the causes that I fought for in college and moves me to restart my advocacy.

Regardless of where your point of view falls on the liberal spectrum, the Impossible Will Take a Little While is a book to keep by your bedside. Pick up this book and read a few pages in the morning, it is guaranteed to help you through your day.

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