The Emancipation of David Chiu

by on April 11, 2011

To the Editors:

sorry, but you’re entire article is an affirmation that Chiu is no longer “progressive” and in fact the comparison to Obama which you embrace says something more terrifying: that the soul of SF, which has been profoundly affected by the pro-business attitude of the last seven years has blossomed into full corporate protectionism.Interim Mayor Lee, David Chiu and the novice Jane Kim rushed the City into a deal with Twitter without even attempting to represent our interests to demand specific exclusivity. When the company and now many like it go public, they will make millions and the City will receive nothing except the business of their few hundred employees – employees who will be far wealthier than most of the “progressive” voters in SF.It was a bad deal and it shows that this year of Interim Mayoralty is meant to cment a pro-business candidate named David Chiu as the first elected Chinese-American Mayor of SF at any cost.You and the young man you admire seem like cronies to me.

Karthik Rajan
San Francisco, CA

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