The Day Obama Became a Republican

by Paul Hogarth on December 8, 2010

Rush Limbaugh once said he “wanted” this President to fail, but now it’s as if Obama actively wants progressives to hate him. You know that the White House capitulated on Bush tax cuts for the rich when even Senator Mary Landrieu – the right-wing Democrat from Louisiana – calls the move “almost morally corrupt.” Landrieu was the same Senator who opposed a public option for health care, because it was “unfair competition” to private insurance companies. Now even she can’t stomach this latest outrage. Obama’s press conference yesterday was painful to watch, as the President acknowledged the public wants the Bush tax cuts to expire – but he won’t do it, because the Republicans simply “won’t budge” in negotiations. Don’t worry, Obama assured us. He only agreed to continue the irresponsible tax cuts for two years, and promised to “fight” later in 2012. It reminded me of how Bill Clinton threw poor people under a bus in 1996 with Welfare Repeal, but told us that we should re-elect him anyway so he could “fix” it later. That was the last time I completely lost faith in a Democratic President — and yesterday, it happened again.

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