“The Chronicle, Leno and Dellums”

by on February 27, 2006


You make some excellent points in your article, (“Conservative attacks on Leno baseless”). Someday, the sooner the better, everyone will understand that thinkers like Leno actually are ahead of their time and are thinking logically and doing more to actually solve the problem of sex offense than these stupid knee-jerk laws ever could. It just totally baffles me how these people can continue to spout their lies (politically correct- myths) with the facts hitting them in the face. The audacity of some of the politicians actually saying ” So what if it doesn’t work, at least we are doing something.” Yea, you are doing something…putting the public at greater risk and wasting allot of money.

Thanks for your intelligent article.

Cheryl Griffiths


You said:
“It’s not easy to have two false or misleading front page stories in the same
week, but there is no underestimating the San Francisco Chronicle.”

You failed to mention Nanette Asimov ‘s false and misleading front page
article “Extra-special education at public expense” (Sunday’s February 19, 2006)
— with all the craft of tabloid scribbler * Ms. Asimov takes the most extreme
special education hearing cases and sensationalizes them to make every parent
who battles the school district for services look like an evil opportunist, as
though we are all suing for dolphin therapy and horseback riding.

Ms Asimov writes: “Special ed serves nearly 700,000 students in California,
and the program appears to be working for most of them. Yet complaints are
rising, and fast.”

If the programs were working complaints would not be rising. If families go
to court and win, it means they were within their rights under the law to
make the complaints, and prevailing in those cases shows that their complaints
were justified.

Despite the ridiculous examples shown in her article — parents are only
asking that school districts comply with the law. Ms. Asimov would rather
perpetuate the resentment parents of typically developing children have towards
parents of children with special needs than mention the real issue in special
education — how the federal government is not supplying the funds school
districts require in order to comply with the federal laws.

Katy Franklin,
(a member of the San Francisco Community Advisory Committee for Special


I hope this letter gets online as a letter to Beyondchron. I just read the article. And halfways through I knew you were going to put in a vote for Dellums.

first let me state that after reading the People’s Tribune which is online. This month will be online next month, I read an article by Nelson Peery on his book, “The Future Is Up To Us”. In it he writes about the importance of African Americans living in the cities. He explains that after the invention of the cotton picking machine, African Americans could finally migrate to the cities. There, he states, they could organize qand mobilize politically. So I definitely understand the importance of keeping African Americans in the cities.

However, I ask myself after I heard that Dellums was returnig to Oakland. Why didn’t he stick around like De La Fuentes to make to make Oakland a city for the poor. I know De La fuentes, as coucilman, has done a lot of good things for Spanish speaking people. My question is why is Dellums runing against him? Why diidn’t Dellums stick around for the hard struggle? It seems he’s just going to grab the benefits De La Fuente has struggled for. I sincerely hope this election doesn’t turn into a nationalism battle. But I’m for people not have to do without. And I do mean without housing, jobs, healthcare, education, and even visas or green cards.

Like I say people need to understand the necessity of defending the tenants of Hunters Point in San Francisco, the Fillmore, and the Tenderloion. That Eminent Domain is being reviewed either in the legislative or the judicial bench.

Like the song says, “We Shall Not Be Moved”

Yolanda Catzalco

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