“Thanks from the Loopers, Benefit Magazine, Green Cross …”

by on March 1, 2007


I am grateful that you published ten chapters from my father’s autobiography and took the time to summarize some of his contributions since arriving in San Francisco (1969). I’m glad that you were mindful of Kathy Looper’s role in all of this too. She is my father’s partner in the community and in the home.

A quick note on the Loopers reunited: From his home in Jacksonville, Florida my cousin LeRoy (correct spelling) Looper typed his own name into a search engine and came across a link to your website.

I am sure that my father would say that this is one of the best gifts that he has received in his entire life. Thanks for your role in all of this.


Malik Looper


I just wanted to commend you for exposing Benefit Magazine as the fraud that it is. I used to intern there and the editor and his minions are probably the most corrupt, exploitive, inauthentic people I’ve ever met in my life (I guess that’s fitting, since it’s a philanthropic rag and all). I wanted to write an expose about Benefit a long time ago (I worked on the first issue), but I thought nobody would care. Now, they do. You can thank Ruby Tourk for that one.

Name Withheld

Good morning members of the PRESS,

I am writing you today to ask for your assistance. As a member of the press, you have more ability to get answers out of politicians on major issues. Tomorrow March 1, 2007 patients will experience a 1000% increase in the state voluntary medical cannabis identification card program. However, based on local regulations a mandatory state card is needed to enter a mcd in San Francisco.

Activists and patients have pressured our Board of Supervisors to take action. Supervisor Mirkarimi introduced a resolution to bring back the city card if this increase occurs to save patients hardship. However, it was sent to (and stalled) a neighborhood committee when Supervisor Ed Jew said he needed more information before he could take action.

Please inquire about why a City that is supposed to be leading the way in the medical cannabis movement is just standing back doing nothing as patients face this horrendous hardship.. I invite you to stop by the San Francisco General Hospital today at 12:00 pm to see the panic this has inspired for patients everywhere.

Shame on everyone NOT involved in stopping this situation from occurring, and then calling themselves supporters of the medical cannabis movement.

Thank you,

Kevin Reed, President, The Green Cross

www.thegreencross.org http://www.thegreencross.org/

ph. 415.846.7671 or 415.648.4420

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