Tenant Congress Saturday

by on April 21, 2004

This Saturday, April 24, join tenants from across the city at a Tenant Congress to discuss important issues of rent control and Rent Board reform. The Tenant Congress will be held from 11 AM to 3 PM at the Main Library in Civic Center in the Koret Auditorium (on the lower level). Please try to attend as we discuss ways to strengthen our rent control by getting more tenants on the all-important Rent Board Commission

For more information, call 282-6656
Below is the agenda for the day and attached is a flyer for the event

Introduction 11 AM-11:15 AM

What’s Wrong With The Rent Board?
Nick Pagoulatos, St. Peter’s Housing Committee

People’s Experiences With The Rent Board 11:15-11:45 AM
Panel Discussion-Rent Board Reform Options 11:45 AM-12:15

Summary of 2003 RB Election Attempt + RB Reform Options In 2004
Gen Fujioka-Moderator
Ted Gullicksen, SF Tenants Union
What Happened With Election Effort And Where That Leaves Us
Polly Marshall or Larry Beach Becker, SF Rent Board Commissioner
The SF Rent Board Today: It’s Makeup And Duties
Paul Hogarth, Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner
Perspectives On A Pro-Tenant Rent Board

Breakout Groups 12:15-1:00 PM
Divide Into 3-6 Discussion Groups
(Based on attendance, we’ll count off by 1s, 2s, 3s, etc to form groups)

Task 1: Decide On Which Appointment Reform Option To Recommend To Plenary Session:
We want to limit discussion to these 3 proposals and have groups recommend one of the three

(In All 3 Proposals, Mayor and Supervisors Appoint As Is Done With Planning Commission, with the difference that the Supervisor appointments will be nominated by the Board president and then approved or rejected by the full Board.)
Proposal 1: 3 Tenants, 2 Landlords, one of whom must represent a non-profit affordable housing landlord, and 2 who are neither tenants nor landlords.

Proposal 2: 7 members, 2/3 of whom must be tenants; 1/3 property owners (corresponding with census makeup of the composition of San Francisco).

Proposal 3: 7 members, no designation as to tenants, landlords or homeowners.

Task 2: Discuss Ideas of What People Would Like The New Rent Board To Do To Better Regulate Landlords and Protect Tenants. Some Ideas:

  • Mandate new Board to develop a system of licensing landlords by a set date, including what are the requirements of licenses (e.g., training, standard leases) and the penalties for violations of licensing standards (e.g. rent in escrow until violation corrected).

  • Mandate that the Board recommend to the Board of Supervisors that buildings built after 1979 be brought into rent control as fully as allowed by state law (this would include, for example, just cause eviction protections).

  • Mandate new Board to develop a system of rent registration by a certain day, in particular registration of rent covered by vacancy control through OMI or Ellis evictions.

  • Mandate that the Board develop a monitoring system for OMI and Ellis evictions, where vacancy control and re-rental restrictions.

  • Mandate Board develop more comprehensive tenant education and outreach

  • Mandate that the Board issue specific policy recommendations to the Board of Supervisors at least annually; in particular this would be recommendations to amend the ordinance in response to increased evictions or other trends the Board identifies.

  • Break 1 PM-1:15 PM
    Plenary Session 1:15 PM-2:15 PM

    Large group re-convenes. Breakout groups make recommendations on (a) appointment re-structuring and (b) our wish list for what the new Board should do. Group debates and decides on final package for Rent Board Reform to take to the Supervisors for a charter amendment in November.

    Why This Is Important In Our Larger Struggle 2:15-2:30
    Sup. Chris Daly

    Next Steps: Drafting of Measure; Organization Endorsements; Set Follow-Up Meeting 2:30-2:45
    Set Up Campaign Steering Committee

    What Other Issues Are Facing Tenants This Year?
    Anti-Demolition Ordinance
    Condo Conversions

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