“Ted Kennedy and Google”

by on January 13, 2006


I find it amusing that you pick Senator Kennedy as any kind of a spokes man for anything. Careful analysis of any of his testimony exposes him as a limited to talking points and/or just reading scrip. I can not remember him in a confrontation, when he got off script, that he did not appear to be totally lost.

Some of his open health presentations in the 80’s and early 90 cemented this for me. He constantly got lost on the facts. Hence, he has been restricted to tirades and bumbling accusations since then. His most recent exchange with Arlen Spector magnified his personal problems. He was either early on his cocktails or just lost. You picked him as a stalwart, you tell us which.

Craig Hartung

Dear Mr Shaw:

I was into Google, specifically Ted Kennedy, and pulled up a brief summation that you had written about our beloved senior Senator from Massachusetts. I’m talking about the most ethically compromised Senator, Mr Kennedy. I believe you called him a “progressive” senator. Here in Taxachusetts, oops, Massachusetts, wheteher you love em or loath em, progressive has never been used in any media description of the white haired geriatric.

Also, you mentioned how he embarrassed Senator Spector (he may have on the note issue. Did I or did I not receive it?. Now that’s a loaded question) but the fact is, and if you turn into the media here in Tax, oops, there I go again, Massachusetts, even the left & right sided papers here claim Spector was the CLEAR winner in this one. He didn’t back down, and he didn’t back down when Kennedy’s jowl’s began to wag,” I’ll keep on bringing the question up again, and again. Spector held off Kennedy like a champion, “don’t tell me how to run this committee”, and “don’t tell me when we’ll have executive session” et al.

Bravo Senator Spector!!!!! One of the main titles in another paper here, “David slays Goliath” meaning Spector handled Kennedy like a warrior. Another title in a not so important Mass paper, “Kennedy embarrasses (sp) Mass.”

Keep up the good work, but you might want to watch the same show we’ve all been watching.

R Heath


You are either naïve or very young if you failed to remember or know the
criminal act that you’re “GREAT” Senator Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick. Even
today, he still exhibits no moral compass what so ever. Congrats on your
pick of praises.


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