Talking Spirituality: I Can’t Deal with the Bull$#**

by Natalie Grigson on November 13, 2013

Genuine: Actual, real, or true; not false or fake.


This is one of my favorite words in the English language. Not because it rolls off the tongue like something sweet or silky like sensuous; not because it plays onomatopoetically like a drum or thud; not even because it sounds quite like
Genius, which in Latin means “the guardian deity who watches over each one of us from birth”—which in any language, is pretty freaking awesome.

No, I love the word not because of how it sounds, but because of what it means; and it means so much. It means everything.

In writing this column, I’ve encountered many different people—psychics, healers, religious leaders, shamans, and even recently, a professional ghost hunter. Before each meeting—and I do believe that this can be said of life in general—I never know who I am going to meet. Am I going to meet a genuine person? Or am I going to meet the mask that they’ve put on today?

Sadly, many times it is the latter; particularly in traversing the waters of spirituality. Of course that’s the paradox, isn’t it? Those who are actually spiritual don’t need to pretend that they are; and those who are not… well, let’s just say there can be a lot of showmanship. As someone who appreciates authenticity above all else, it doesn’t sit well with me.

Or as Martha Maria Klin-Savage put it, “I can’t deal with the bullshit.”

I liked her immediately.

I met Martha on Sunday night at The Center SF’s Holistic Health Saloon. The event itself was like a buffet of holistic healings—massages, energy readings, a tea ceremony, sound healings, plus, some actual food which was quite tasty.

Martha was leading a sort of sound healing with a bell. It was a simple, and rather unceremonious ceremony, in which I breathed deeply and she rang a bell. That’s about it.

The beauty of it wasn’t the sound healing itself; not to me. It wasn’t even the fact that afterward she told me some things that she had picked up from my energy—and ohmygosh she was spot on. The beautiful and rare thing, was her honesty. She didn’t gaze deeply into my eyes and tell me that the spirits had told her of a haunted past; she didn’t tell me that my aura was golden (which it is, apparently). She was just real. She was


And damn perceptive too. As she and I both now know, I tend to be slow in showing my pages; but she read me like a book. She reminded me of some things I needed to hear. And most importantly, she was


Martha Maria Klin-Savage does space clearing in homes and offices, coaching, ISIS healing, gives talks and workshops on clearing clutter, streamlining your life and work, and does not “deal with the bullshit.” I recommend you give her a call.

Namaste, everybody.

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