Sutter to Close St. Luke’s While Raising Funds From Ladies’ Auxiliary

by Paul Hogarth on October 25, 2007

Imagine you belong to the St. Luke’s Auxiliary – a charitable group of women who once a year raise money for St. Luke’s Hospital in the Mission District. If Sutter Health was planning to close St. Luke’s, wouldn’t you want to know that before donating your $85? But Sutter did not tell the ladies who met yesterday at the Auxiliary’s annual luncheon what they had announced to the press this week – plans to eliminate all in-patient care, reducing the Hospital only for emergency visits. A group of nurses went to the Auxiliary Banquet at the Palace Hotel yesterday – to tell ladies’ what Sutter is not telling them. Members they talked to were shocked to hear about these developments. “We raised money for pediatrics just last year,” said one member, as the nurses explained that St. Luke’s will no longer have a neo-natal or pediatrics unit. But hospital representatives were not pleased to see this unexpected “disruption,” and swiftly called security guards to escort the nurses away from the banquet.

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