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by on January 6, 2010

To the Editor:

It is really a tragedy. Susan is being evicted despite Mark O’Flynn’s contractual obligation to continue renting until July 2010 or opt out of the contract by repaying the City the lead abatement grant of almost $40,000. To make matters worse, Mark O’Flynn refuses to pay Susan and Rebecca Suval the statutorily required Ellis Act relocation money. The first set of checks were never received by the Suvals. The second set of checks (representing the second half of the relocation payment) cannot be cashed because checks are drawn on Mark O’Flynn’s closed bank account.

We asked the trial court to order payment of the Ellis relocation as a condition before a Writ for Possession could issue. The trial court ruled on 12/31 that it did not believe it had the power to order payment of the Ellis relocation checks or words to that effect.On Dec. 31, we filed a petition for review with the appellate division and are cautiously optimistic that they will order Mark O’Flynn to pay the Ellis relocation money. If that fails, the next step is a Petition for Transfer to the Court of Appeal.

Raquel Fox
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Nice analysis of the NY Times’ cheap efforts in the Bay Area. Their lack of original reporting hurts, rather than progresses, the sorry state of Bay Area journalism. Here is a parody site:

Not The New York Times

To the Editor:

The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are simply doing what the Chronicle has failed to do for many decades — cover the Bay Area’s politics and events in a substantive way. Could they improve their reporting and coverage? Yes. In fact, why don’t you propose your own reporting to them? Your substantive work would be a great asset to all those readers who know nothing of your website/paper.

Dana B.
San Francisco

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