The Surprise of 2015

by on February 20, 2015

Bond is not Dead. He’s still around on the movie screen. Oh, by the way – Kingsman just makes a new and exciting Secret Service guy. Let’s call it – Spy movie time. If Bond were around – he would maybe kiss ass. Or maybe not – it might not be what older people would want on the screen. But then again, the tremendous colors are flashing all over the place. 


For some you will like it. Others might feel that it is just a bunch of throwing electrical stuff on the wall. “Eggsy” is the new young guy who has become the new agent. He almost gets thrown off into the orchestra. May I try? I don’t think that i’ll take the chance. 


Mark Miller created (Kick-Ass). Eggsy loves the rollercoaster winks & Nods. He want violence (and fun). Die hards are just waiting to knock-out the intensity. It’s really great movie film stuff. And guess what? Michael Caine – just sits at the long, long table. Ooops – he just got knocked onto the floor. Samuel Jackson sits and yells and bosses people all around – but in the end he’ll need more than a glass of whisky. 


Near the end there is a sharp looking woman. She wears bouncing blades on her legs. And wow – she sure as hell knows how to whirl right along. But…she’s a real Bitch. Pretty yes – but many minor problems. However she is a one of the spies. I’m glad that they finally took off her blades. After-all – her outfit is just too much. 


HERE’S THE LAST WORD: She says…”I’m a Catholic Whore!” Well- aren’t we all? It’s all kinda “Star Wars Violent Project.” 




Here are some of the Gang: Sophie Cookson, Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Samuel Jackson, Mark Strong and Michael Caine. 


RATING: Six Stars ******

or Six Glasses of Champagne ******


Buzzin’ Lee Hartgrave

Buzzin’ Lee Hartgrave is a longtime theater critic in the San Francisco Bay Area. His reviews appear each Friday in Beyond Chron.

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