‘Supes Budget Committee/Hastings Parking Garage’

by on June 6, 2005

Dear Editor,

Could two Supes. be sharing salaries, in recognition of what happened at the recent Budget hearings?

Supe. Sean Elsbernd did Supe. Fiona Ma’s work for her in the Budget Committee so she could flirt with a photographer. When it came time for a key procedural vote on the MUNI budget, she was so transfixed with the photographer her name had to be called twice to get her out of her reverie. When she snapped out of it, Sean had to lean forward and mime the word “NO” so she could get her cue what to do. Subtle it wasn’t.

Is it fair for one Supe. to collect a full salary when someone else does the work? Should Supe. Sean Elsbernd get a share of her salary for doing her job as well as his?

What do readers think?

You may also wonder how carefully this proto-Assemblywoman will be paying attention if she goes to Sacramento.

“Eye on City Hall”

Dear Editor,

Kudos to AIDS Husing Alliance and Transportation For a Livable City for reviving the fight against Hastings idiotic plans to build a parking garage in the Tenderloin. Let’s face it, Hastings took advantage of the Loma Prieta earthquake to swindle the Tenderloin of much-needed housing. The only acceptable solution is to replace the lost housing. Period. We don’t need blue-ribbon committees to figure that one out.

As someone who was arrested three years ago trying to put a stop to this type of bullshit, my only regret was that we let up the pressure after the civil disobedience. We were very foolish to give up power to some self-appointed leaders. But to paraphrase The Who “We won’t get fooled again.” I remember right after that action the much of the “responsible” left distanced themselves from those who put their bodies on the line, even conspiring behind the scenes to slander the motivations of my personal hero Sister Bernie Galvin in the Chronicle. Not to mention the field day the press had with Supervisor Daly’s participation in the action back on our sie of the barricades.

Well three years later, we have no housing and an emboldened Hastings. This member of the Irresponsible Left will be happy to throw down again–but this time we’ll keep the pressure on until some truly affordable housing is built.

In struggle

James Tracy

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