Supervisor Chris Daly Launches Political Blog

by Casey Mills on March 8, 2005

San Francisco media is rarely kind to political firebrand Chris Daly, often attacking him as a hothead rather than seriously addressing his pragmatic, progressive politics. So, the District 6 Supervisor recently decided to take matters into his own hands, announcing that he will publish a blog detailing his personal perspective on the pressing issues of the day.

Daly came up with the idea as a way to combat the relentless stream of negative press directed towards him, which can often submerge his political positions.

“I tend to be in the news a lot,” said Daly. “There are a lot of things, especially on the Internet, said about me, but very little of it is actually true. Over the last four years, my ability to communicate my thoughts, ideas and positions on issues has been somewhat limited by the bias of the media. This website is way for me to more accurately communicate myself.”

Daly says the blog will be updated between once and three times a week, and promises the entire content of the website will come straight from him. His initial piece, which can be found at, offers a promising glimpse of the site’s future content. Daly provides a well-argued indictment of the San Francisco Chronicle and downtown corporations for their role in the City’s current budget crisis.

With the launch of his blog, Daly will join the swelling ranks of politicians looking to the web as a means of connecting with citizens. The trend took off with Howard Dean’s blog, written during last year’s presidential primary, and continues to grow today, most recently with the addition of former California State Assembly speaker Bob Hertzberg’s site.

Beyond Chron will be providing a link to Daly’s new blog on the right edge of page later this week. We encourage our readers to check it regularly for an important progressive voice offering insight on our local political scene.

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