Summer and Seasons in the Sun

by "Buzzin" Lee Hartgrave on July 23, 2004

IT’S BACK.that would be the 27th Annual Bay Area Playwright Festival that runs this year July 30 — August 8. This year there are over 225 submissions for the Fest, which happens to be one of the country’s leading festivals on new works for the stage produced by San Francisco’s Center for New Play Development. I have a good idea for you playwrights for next year. This is the plot: Renters go to a Rent Board and try to get their grievances heard. The Rent board is haughty and smug. They look beyond the renters, who look defeated and deflated, from years of being destroyed by the Evil Rent Board. There is scandal in the play. Even the token renters on the Board are exposed as being huge landowners in this mythical city. Several of the City Supervisors take money under the table to pass legislation favorable to landlords. Many of these City Officials claim to be progressive. Yes, this play is not only a mystery about Greed – but shows how the government really works. And oh yes, — the play involves stalking, murder and one of the Supervisors who gets run over by his own car. That’s the comedy relief part. Now it may be to late to enter a play using this plot this year – but there is always next year. You name the City of your Choice. They are all the same!

In this years Festival there will be two weeks of public staged readings – including a new musical epic by Liz Duffy Adams (All the Truth in the World. There is even a playwriting class taught by Darrah Cloud. Most of the Fest will be held at The Magic Theater,.

You can get Festival Passes from $65, or single admission is $12. This one sounds really interesting (autodelete://beginning dump of physical memory//). Written by Honour Kane, with original music by Eve Beglarian, and directed by Barbara Damashek. Fri. July 30 – 8pm. Tix for the Festival and info: 415-626-0453, ext. 110, or – festival@playwrights foundation.

Remember is all Theater! “Take Back America” events were in full swing this week with Progressives, Gov. Howard Dean, filmmaker Michael Moore, Robert Reich and Jesse Jackson Sr. Will Dean’s supporters flock to Kerry is what the progressives hope. Hey, even Celebs hope so. Rep. Dennis Kucinich debated Amb. Joe Wilson. They debated Kerry’s Iraq position. Of course, the big star was Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/ll) – whose documentary really shows that the Emperor has no clothes. One thing that I learned from the movie is that during the ride to the Capital for the inauguration – Bush’s limo was pelted with eggs. That they never showed on NBC or CNN, ABC and especially not Fox. Tell me again that the news is not managed!

RUN FOR COVER: To end a really hot summer, Dame Edna will be back in her newly bitched up extravaganza, “Dane Edna” Back With a Vengeance!” Again, San Francisco shows the way with a new show. We paved the way with “Evita” and Baz Luhrman’s “La Boheme” and now “Dame Edna” gives us the first look at a show before it goes to Broadway. Oh, and by the way we also gave “Wicked “the steam to make it to Broadway and the Tony Awards. Edna was heard to say, “I don’t do shows, I make history. My shows are not shows at all; they are “events.” Imagine that: That’s what I always say about my writing. It’s not writing – it’s an event!!! Dame Edna opens at the Curran Theater August 31. .Right now you can see Billy Philadelphia and Meg McKay singing the wonderful music of Cole Porter. Celebs wanna know – “Do you suppose Billy Philadelphia’s name is a just a stage name?” I dunno – I’ll ask him. The charming duo is at the New Conservatory Center.


Headline in a tabloid: “Cameron Diaz Sex Tape Scandal. What she doesn’t want you to see! Celebs ask: “Are we supposed to care? What if we don’t want to see it?”

Another headline screams: My 8-Hour Orgy With 400lb Brando. Gee, how many broken bones did that leave. Now that is “Beyondo!”

Maybe Brando should have sat on Matt LeBlanc (Friends). Right now he looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Celebs muse: “And you thought that was another L.A Earthquake – when it was just Matt running for another doughnut.”

This is very suspicious: Another Super Tabloid heading. Tori Spelling, Dennis Quaid and Mira Sorvino all tie the knot (globe). Really? How cozy!

Is this biased Tabloid reporting? Headline: Shameless Whoopi leads celeb Bush Bashers. What’s shameless about it? It’s entertainment. And, what is the difference between Whoopi and Jay Leno – who bashes Bush quite frequently, alone with Letterman. The world is a stage and it’s all for laughs. Lighten up!

Movie beauty Julia Stiles moans in a Tabloid that her leading men Heath Ledger and Josh Hartnett – haven’t asked her out. So, they haven’t asked me out either. Get over it!


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