Study on High Rents; More on the Birther Phenomenon; Accident on the N Judah …

by on April 28, 2011

To the Editor:

Thanks for this piece. HUD’s guideline for getting on a waiting list, at some point, was that the renter was paying more than half their income for rent. The problem with HUD is that very few landlords want to deal with subsidized renters. HUD and HUD renters have a bad name in general. It is unfortunate that usually low income people who aren’t criminals have such a hard time finding decent housing. By “decent housing,” I mean housing in which a renter is not afraid for his or her life in their apartment complex. Having dealt with some bad housing situations, I know first hand that there is a real need for affordable, safe, good housing. A good place to call home should not be only in the domain of the rich.

Jack Bragen
Martinez, CA

To the Editor:

The continuing attack on President Obama’s place of birth is a diversionary tactic used by corporations and racist individuals like Billionaire Donald Trump. It is very sad that the American people submit themselves to this kind of crappy political brainwashing. The corporate media is trying to divert the attention of the American people from the real problems in this country created by Wall Street. It’s time to wake up, America. Kill Fox News!

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Almost two months ago, on March 3, 2011, my grandmother’s car collided with the N Judah light rail train at Judah and 24th Avenue. As a result of the accident, she sustained a skull fracture, broken bones (collar bone, sternum, and four ribs), and deep lacerations on her legs. She was hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital for nearly four weeks, and has only recently returned home. Her life has permanently changed, as she now needs constant supervision when eating, walking, and using the bathroom.

To better understand what happened on March 3, our family is searching for any witnesses of the accident.

* Were you in the immediate area of the N Judah accident on March 3 (or do you know anyone who recalls the scene)?
* Were you on board the outbound N Judah Muni train on March 3 (or was anyone you know on board the Muni train)?
* Do you live near the intersection of Judah and 24th (or do you know anyone who lives in this area)?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions, please contact me at Thank you for your attention to this urgent personal appeal.

David S. Drabkin
San Francisco

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