State of Black San Francisco; Covering the Mayor’s Race …

by on October 21, 2011

To the Editor:

I’m sorry I could not attend this meeting, as it held some interest for me. I am an African-American married male who has resided in San Francisco since 1978. This migration of the black family out of San Francisco has concerned me for quite a while. Unfortunately, I don’t really see a solution in the offering, as the majority of San Franciscans appear to be indifferent to this condition. I also agree that black citizens need to mobilize to protect what we already have. I am unclear as to the proper action to take to solve the issue though, and think it warrants more discussion.

Dan Boone
San Francisco

Dear Randy Shaw:

You have devoted the past months to flogging Ed Lee’s candidacy for Mayor, to the detriment of true reporting on the mayoral race. The Chronicle today (10/19) has an excellent video available with three questions posed to most of the candidates. See: Each one answers as he or she sees fit, and it’s very revealing. One gets a sense of the candidates’ priorities, personalities, seriousness, cogency, and ability to see the big picture. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Mayor’s race.

Dana B.
San Francisco

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