State Bar to Cross Picket Line at Manchester Hyatt

by Paul Hogarth on January 27, 2009

For months, a gay-labor alliance has boycotted the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego, because its owner – Douglas Manchester – donated $125,000 to Proposition 8. This boycott, led by UNITE-HERE, has been highly effective, resulting in massive grassroots support – and costing the Hotel $2.4 million in canceled bookings. But the State Bar of California has opted not to cancel its upcoming annual meeting at the Manchester Hyatt – despite protests from some of its own members. According to yesterday’s S.F. Daily Journal, State Bar President Holly Fujie lamented there is “no place else” in San Diego where they could meet – although the conference isn’t scheduled to happen until September. She added that the State Bar is “not allowed to take any political action” (and would get sued for canceling the contract for such reasons), although last year the organization’s delegates passed a resolution condemning Prop 8 as an “unconstitutional revision.” Fujie added that to opt out would require the State Bar to pay a $500,000 cancellation fee. Boycott organizers plan to keep the heat on the State Bar to refrain from attending the conference.

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