SPUR Study on Disabled Parking Placards …

by on March 9, 2010

To the Editor:

This is a great article. I am the parent of a 21-year-old daughter with a disability. She does not drive, and is not employed. However I do drive her anywhere she needs to go. Neither she nor I could afford $300/year for the placard. I agree with you that those who need the card should not be punished for those who misuse it. It completely misses the point of what it is for. Personally, it’s not so much the savings on parking as it is the ability to find a convenient parking space for someone who has mobility issues. The idea of the city using the cost of placards to fill in the gaps in the MUNI budget is alarming and wrong-headed.

Linda Tung
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Just because I mentioned this proposal in my story doesn’t mean the Bay Guardian endorsed it, or are somehow now aligned with SPUR and the Chron. If that logic were true, then BeyondChron is now part of the cabal as well because of this story. I simply cited the top items on SPUR’s list after SFMTA officials said publicly that they would consider it.

Steven T. Jones
City Editor
San Francisco Bay Guardian

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